More GOW Award Nominations

The AIAS has posted their award nominations!

God of War is up for 12:

  • Overall Game of the Year

  • Console Game of the Year

  • Outstanding Innovation in Gaming

  • Outstanding Achievement in Animation

  • Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction

  • Outstanding Achievement in Original Musical Composition

  • Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design

  • Outstanding Character Performance - Male

  • Outstanding Achievement in Game Play Engineering

  • Outstanding Achievement in Visual Engineering

  • Outstanding Achievement in Game Design

  • Action/Adventure Game of the Year

Plus a quote from EGM:

"A game with soul that transcends borders and cultures. Its story, sense of world, and graphics gave me a strong, exotic impression. [Mario creator Shigeru] Miyamoto and I had a laugh when we first played the game. We noticed a very Japanese-like 'service' to gamers, in particular the emphasis on details and sense. The God of War package includes an honest presentation with love elements and a game design implemented with the player in mind. Lastly, the game was designed with a good balance of theme and play. I truly feel that God of War is a great culmination of Western and Japanese (i.e. Nintendo) game design. Let's hope this is just the beginning for this trend."
- Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima

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