Bouncing Around Town Today

Today I'm running around doing errands. I have a few things to note.

First, at one point today I got behind this guy in the Prius hybrid. As you can see his plate says L8R4GAS. That's great! I love it. I am currently looking for a truck. I wish the Prius would work for my needs but I really am in need of a truck. I contacted my friends who let me check out the hydrogen car, to see when their trucks would be ready. I guess no time soon, because they haven't mailed me back yet. It's a shame because I work across the street from a natural gas fuel station, so I could fill up there until hydrogen is widely available.

Also, I went to Quiznos for lunch. I've noticed that the quality of the food varies greatly from outlet to outlet. For instance, the Quiznos near Colorado and Cloverfield is good, but the one I ate at today Westwood & Pico was horrid. They must have their toaster improperly calibrated. If I was Quiznos Corporate I'd get on that problem, because if what I ate today had been my first Quiznos experience, I'd never go again.

Last note, when I was at Santa Monica's city hall I noticed that they have installed waterless urinals. Cool! No flushing. The placard says that the system saves 40,000 gallons of water a year. I know no flushing sounds gross, but really it's not. The urine gets trapped beneath a layer of oil so it doesn't stink.  Posted by Hello

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